Dark Web Monitoring

Experts in Dark Web Monitoring, Cyber Intelligence and Data Breach Data, we monitor the dark web 24 Hours a Day.


Whether or not your organization is prepared, security breaches have become common occurrences. Having your employees personal information or company data distributed on the Dark Web can prove disastrous for your organization.

With our monitoring solution, we are able to let you know if your information has been compromised. We offer a managed approach, and monitor the Dark Web for you, saving time and ensuring proactive protection.

Compromised User Credentials

Dark Web Monitoring allows you to detect if your users’ credentials have been compromised in a third-party breach and trafficked on the dark web. With this information, you can take immediate action to prevent a breach or further attack against your organization. 

Leaked Organizational Data

We regularly scan the Dark Web for postings of your registered domains and email addresses. Our Dark Web Monitoring Services allows us to get detailed reports of data breaches, found on the Dark Web. Typically, data breaches take over 200 days to discover. With our services, we can reduce the time to discovery and help you better manage your data breaches.

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