Data Backup and Recovery

Fully managed data back-up, recovery and reporting services. Rest easy knowing we are backing you up.


In today’s business world, your data is the single most valuable asset. Whether you’ve experienced an IT disaster or not, it’s only a matter of time. Spend less time worrying about the unexpected – equip your business with all the levels of protection and recovery it needs. We offer a variety of backup recovery solutions to equip your business with the exact level of protection it needs.

Fully Managed Solutions

If you’re interested in a full End To End Solution, our fully managed services combine the process of backup and disaster recovery into one comprehensive plan. We’ll store, design, test, monitor, and assist with each aspect of your Business Continuity plan.

Our secure, automated solutions create real-time backups of all your systems, and our recovery planning helps you restore that data and get back to business fast.

Managed Back Up Services

Data Back Ups require regular maintenance and testing to ensure the right backup will be ready and accessible whenever the company requires them. With our Managed Back Up Solutions, IT In Motions takes on this responsibility, so you can gain some peace of mind and focus on more strategic projects. Our Back Up Service not only backs up your data, but we also protects them from Insiders and Ransomware.

Data & Disaster Recovery

You cannot predict the future, but you can plan for it. When a disaster strikes, there is little time to spare. We can assist in the development, maintenance, and execution of your disaster recovery plan to make sure your company can overcome whatever happens, whenever it happens.

We provide flexible and quick data recovery services, restoring anything from a single file to an entire database in a short amount of time.

Further Questions?

Are you thinking of moving to a Managed Services Model? We have the experience helping organisations make the transition, and help them see benefits of increased efficiencies, improved productivity and minimise downtime. Reach Out To Us To Find Out More.