Remote Support

With our tools and expertise, we offer reliable remote support, repair and management of your Personal and Business Computers.


We offer remote support, repair and management for your Personal and Business computers. We have the right tools and reliable support software that enable instant, secure and easy connections between remote computers. With our solutions, we can quickly diagnose and resolve technical issues from the comfort of your office.

Our excellent technicians have the skills and knowledge on technology, that is why you can rest assure that your computers are in good hands. Aside from fixing technological problems, we also install efficient software that helps to improve the performance of your devices. I.T In Motion has developed various computer solutions that will definitely exceed your expectations. When it comes to computer maintenance and repair services, I.T In Motion is the right one to call!

Quick Support Downloads Links

To connect with us, you will need to have the Team Viewer Software and also the Team Viewer Host File. They can be downloaded from the links below. If you face any issues, feel free to get in touch with us and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Further Questions?

Are you thinking of moving to a Managed Services Model? We have the experience helping organisations make the transition, and help them see benefits of increased efficiencies, improved productivity and minimise downtime. Reach Out To Us To Find Out More.