Network Monitoring

Business like yours need Round-The-Clock Network Monitoring. We are able to monitor your network 24/7, helping you deal with all the technical challenges you face.


Modern businesses like yours are reliant on their IT systems and need around-the-clock support. With IT In Motion Network Monitoring, that’s precisely what you get. Our dedicated Network Operation Centre monitors your network 24×7, making sure the various components are functioning and helping you deal with whatever technical challenges you face. If there’s a problem, we get you back up and running before you know it.

Event Monitoring and Management

Your network is the backbone of your business. Continuous Monitoring of the health of your networks and the ability to respond quickly are key benefits to our network monitoring services. With our Network Monitoring services, we offer real-time maps of network topologies, performance analytics, continuous monitoring. We ensure that your system remains safe and secure 24/7 with our event monitoring and management services.

Incident and Problem Management

We ensure that security and data incidents are resolved quickly and effectively with rapid response. With our professional team of trouble shooters and problem solvers, we are able to deal with any software and hardware related headaches the moment it arises.

If there are specific standard operating procedures your business wishes to adopt, we will also ensure that those procedures are executed flawlessly. 

Network and Data Security

Keeping that information secure is critical for your employees and your company. To keep managed systems optimized and secure, Our Network Monitoring team configures remote management software on each supported device and continuously monitors servers, PC workstations and other network devices via alerts and alarms. We not only reduce the risk for security threats, we prevent them.

Further Questions?

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